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We are an eSports organisation, founded in 2015. At present we have a League of Legends roster, competing in tournaments both on and offline in LAN’s, Expos and conventions across the UK. We recently placed 2nd in the LOL Int. Tournament at Insomnia 59. We are looking to massively increase our presence in the League scene in 2017.

League of Legends

Our primary game, Keep up to date with the team, take a look at our current roster and events.

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Our Players


Top Lane - Legend11

Back at Top for 2017, Legend27 Legend11 keeps kicking ass and taking names on the Rift


Jungle - Tempus Sicarius

Tempus takes up residence in the jungle, as well as being primary shotcaller and a ward for mid


Mid Lane - LeashFreak

Back in his comfort zone in the current meta, rarely loses lane – 2nd highest KDA at I59


ADC - Rwn Eppzy

Eppzy has stepped up to the main roster for Insomnia 60 ‘D5 Meng’


Support - Blounty

Blounty can often be heard shouting “Four Man Bot” for no reason, Support Me Daddy

Sub - Fahyy

The Meng Fahyy

Upcoming Events

Have a look at our latest events


Insomnia 59

Second Place Finish for RWN 


HMD - LOL Tournament

Third place finish for RWN 


Insomnia 60

4th place Finish


Game Belong - 2V2

1st Place Finish


EGL League Tournament

1st Place Finish


ESL 4 - Round One Qualifier

Smashed Dig Warfare Academy 1-0

Insomnia 61 - League of Legends








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