Rewind Gaming are thrilled to announce the recently obtained partnership and sponsorship from a local Manchester, nationally trading business Chorlton Fireworks.

Chorlton Fireworks are a leading business in the fireworks industry and have pursued their passion to be the number one firework shop in Manchester, with their continued growth in range and their quality in fireworks that are said to be unmatched in the North-West. Chorlton Fireworks felt this was a quality shared in Rewind Gaming and their desire to be number one across their games and platforms. The sponsorship sees Chorlton Fireworks take pride of place on all team apparel and communications going forward.

Chorlton Fireworks have generously offered their sponsorship to Rewind Gaming for their next upcoming tournament Insomnia 60 and onwards through 2017, with a long term partnership set to be a permanent part of Rewind. Rewind look to put in a big performance at Insomnia 60 which it hoped will be their biggest showing to date with their new roster and investment into a coach.

The players have massively improved as a team over the years and are excited to be given the opportunity to work with an established business and are proud to represent the shared values.

Rewind Gaming ADC/Marksman Legend11 stated “The team are very grateful for the sponsorship and investment made to ensure Rewind Gaming can focus on what they do best, competing. I believe that I60 and 2017 will be our greatest year on the rift. There is a lot of pressure to improve and I will be taken up some of the burden stepping up to secondary shot caller.


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